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Everybody’s talking about Reliefor – and you should be too! Here are a list of assets and contact points for any media inquiries about the next best thing in pain relief. If you don’t find everything you need here, you can always drop us a line at hello@reliefor.com and we’ll be happy to assist you.

Brand Assets


Download as: .jpg .png. eps .pdf

The specs:

  • Font: Campton Semi-Bold (modified)
  • Dark Blue
    • PANTONE 7694 C 2
    • RGB (13, 66, 106)
    • Hex #0d426a
  • Light Blue
    • PANTONE 7689 C
    • RGB (41, 141, 193)
    • Hex #298dc1

Our logo is not to be manipulated, rotated, changed direction, animated or surrounded with additional design elements without prior consent.

Ways to Contact

For all press or media inquires, please contact press@reliefor.com.

And of course, please connect with us on social media using the following accounts:

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